Gateway HRS Data

The USC Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy has developed user-friendly, harmonized versions of data from the growing number of international aging and retirement studies. Using the RAND HRS as a model, these harmonized data sets allow users to compare identically defined variables across countries. More information about Harmonized Data — including Harmonized ELSA (England), Harmonized SHARE (Europe + Israel), Harmonized KLoSA (South Korea), Harmonized JSTAR (Japan), Harmonized CHARLS (China), Harmonized LASI (India), Harmonized MHAS (Mexico), Harmonized TILDA (Ireland), and Harmonized CRELES (Costa Rica) — is available at the Gateway to Global Aging Data website.

Public Release Data

Gateway Harmonized HRS
Latest release: Oct 2018 (Version B)
Gateway Harmonized HRS End of Life
Latest release: Apr 2019 (Version A)