2001 Consumption and Activities Mail Survey (CAMS)

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Version 3.0: The only change in Version 3 is that all the CAMS weights have been dropped. Please see the HRS website for the HRS CAMS Weights 2001-2009 (Final, Version 1.0) data released on 03/30/2011.

Questionnaires were mailed to 5,000 households interviewed in the HRS 2000 core survey. If a selected household had two panel members in it, one panel member was randomly selected to receive the questionnaire.
The survey included questions about individual activities, household patterns of consumption, and individual use of prescription drugs.

Product Details

Latest Release
Apr 2011 (Final V3.0)
Entry Cohort Info

HRS: Original R born 1931-1941;
AHEAD: Original R born in 1923 or earlier;
CODA (Children of Depression): Original R born 1924-1930;
WB (War Baby): Original R born 1942-1947

Field Dates

Sep 2001 - Dec 2001

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