Contributed Projects

Contributed projects based on HRS public data are provided by researchers who want to share their work with the research community. Researchers interested in contributing their own products are invited to contact us at HRS does not produce or support these products and is not responsible for their content or use. They are provided here as a service to the research community.

Gateway Products

Gateway Products are provided by the USC Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy. They build on the RAND HRS model and are intended to facilitate international comparison across the International Family of HRS Studies.

Gateway Harmonized HRS
Latest release: Aug 2023 Version D
Gateway Harmonized HRS COVID
Latest release: May 2023 Version B
Gateway Harmonized HRS End of Life
Latest release: Apr 2019 Version A

Researcher Contributions

Topic Title
401k 1992 HRS 401K Flag
Latest release: Jul 1999 Ver 1.0
Authors: Bob Peticolas
Childhood Socioeconomic Status Validated Measures of Childhood Socio-Economic Status
Latest release: May 2018 Ver 1.0
Cognition Dementia Predicted Probabilities Files
Latest release: Nov 2013 v1.0
Authors: M. Hurd et al
Cognition Gianattasio-Power Predicted Dementia Probability Scores and Dementia Classifications
Latest release: Nov 2021 Version 2.0
Authors: Melinda C. Power
Cognition HRS-HCAP Measures Statistically Harmonized to Other HCAPs
Latest release: Jan 2024
Authors: Gross et al.
Cognition Langa-Weir Classification of Cognitive Function (1995-2020)
Latest release: May 2023 V2.0
Cognition Predicted Cognition and Dementia Measures
Latest release: Jan 2023 Release 1
Authors: Hudomiet, P., Hurd, M. D., & Rohwedder, S
COVID-19 Future Elderly Model data for COVID-19 excess mortality study
Latest release: Oct 2021 v1.0
Authors: Julian Reif, Hanke Heun-Johnson, Bryan Tysinger, and Darius Lakdawalla
Employment Abramowitz 2016 HRS Self-employment Roles
Latest release: Jan 2021 Ver 1.0
Authors: Abramowitz, Joelle
Employment Health and Retirement Study Cross-Wave Harmonized Job Characteristics File for 1992-2018 HRS Wave Years
Latest release: May 2023 V2023-05-05
Employment Suitability Index by Aggregate Occupation
Latest release: Jan 2022 v1.0
Authors: Wettstein, Gal
Employment Working Trajectories in the HRS
Latest release: Jul 2018 Ver 1.0
Home Equity HRS/AHEAD Second Home Ownership and Equity Corrections
Latest release: Aug 2004 Ver 1.0
Authors: Honggao Cao; F. Thomas Juster
Medical Expenses 1994 HRS Imputed Medical Expenses
Latest release: Apr 1999 Ver 1.0
Authors: Dan Hill
Pension Wealth 1992 HRS Pension (Level 1) Present Value Database
Latest release: Sep 1999 Ver 1.0
Authors: Bob Peticolas; Tom Steinmeier
Pension Wealth 1992 HRS Self-Reported Pension Wealth
Latest release: Oct 1998 Ver 1.0
Authors: Anonymous
Pension Wealth Administrative Supplement: Enhancing Pension Data Files
Latest release: Jan 2013 Ver 1.0
Authors: A. Gustman, T. Steinmeier, N. Tabatabai
Pension Wealth Part III: Pension Wealth Variables 1992-2010
Latest release: Sep 2014 Ver 1.0
Authors: A. Gustman, T. Steinmeier, N. Tabatabai
Pension Wealth Table Data: Pensions in the Health and Retirement Study
Latest release: May 2010 Ver 1.0
Authors: A. Gustman, T. Steinmeier, N. Tabatabai
Polygenic Scores SSGAC Polygenic Index (PGI) Repository
Latest release: Sep 2021 Ver 1.0
Polygenic Scores SSGAC Polygenic Scores for Depression, Neuroticism and Subjective Well-being (Phase 2)
Latest release: Apr 2018 Ver 1.0
Polygenic Scores SSGAC Polygenic Scores for Educational Attainment (Phase 3)
Latest release: Apr 2018 Ver 1.0
Prescription Medication Prescription Drug Lookup Experiment (PDLE)
Latest release: Jan 2016 v1.0
Authors: M. Couper
Psychosocial Social Frailty Index (SFI)
Latest release: Feb 2024
Authors: Sachin J Shah, Meghan Rieu-Werden Sandra Oreper, Sun Young Jeon, W John Boscardin, Margaret C Fang, and Kenneth E Covinsky.
Regression Models Using predictions and marginal effects to compare groups in regression models for binary outcomes
Latest release: Oct 2018 Ver 1.0
Study Harmonization Future Elderly Model (FEM) Files
Latest release: May 2015 v1.6
Authors: Roybal Center for Health Policy Simulation
Study Harmonization Health Utilities Index Mark 3 (HUI3)
Latest release: Mar 2015 Ver 1.0
Authors: Duncan Ermini Leaf
Study Harmonization Research on Early Life and Aging Trends and Effects (RELATE) Files
Latest release: Jun 2013 v1.0
Authors: ICPSR at the Institute for Social Research (ISR) at the University of Michigan

Replication Packages

Subjective Life Expectancies, Time Preference Heterogeneity, and Wealth Inequality (Replication Package)
Latest release: Apr 2024
Authors: Foltyn, Richard and Olsson, Jonna
Why Do Retired Households Draw Down Their Wealth So Slowly? (Replication Package)
Latest release: Nov 2023
Authors: French, E., Jones, J B., McGee, R.
Trends in Inequalities in the Prevalence of Dementia in the U.S. (Replication Package)
Latest release: Jan 2023
Authors: Hudomiet, P., Hurd, M. D., Rohwedder, S.
Association of Cumulative Blood Pressure With Cognitive Decline, Dementia, and Mortality (Replication Package)
Latest release: May 2022
Authors: Li C, Zhu Y, Ma Y, et al.
Longitudinal associations between chronic condition discordance and perceived control among older couples (Replication Package)
Latest release: Feb 2022
Authors: Polenick, C. A., Birditt, K. S., Turkelson, A., Shattuck, S. M., & Kales, H. C.
Personality and Subjective Age: Evidence from Six Samples (Replication Package)
Latest release: Jan 2022
Authors: Stephan, Y., Sutin, A. R., Kornadt, A., Canada, B., & Terracciano, A.
The Bite is Worse than the Bark: Associations of Personality and Depressive Symptoms with Memory Discrepancy (Replication Package)
Latest release: Dec 2021
Authors: Aschwanden, D., Sutin, A. R., Luchetti, M., O’Súilleabháin, P. S., Stephan, Y., Sesker, A. A., Lee J. H., & Terracciano, A.