Gateway Harmonized HRS COVID

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The International Family of HRS Studies represents a growing network of longitudinal studies of aging around the world for which HRS is the model. The Gateway to Global Aging Data at the USC Program on Global Aging, Health, and Policy has developed user-friendly, harmonized versions of data from these studies in order to facilitate cross-national research. These harmonized data sets allow users to compare identically defined variables across countries.

The Harmonized HRS COVID focuses on a subset of data from the HRS COVID-19 interviews. It includes variables with a naming convention that mimics the RAND HRS, the Harmonized HRS, and other Harmonized COVID variables.

Version B incorporates the latest released version of HRS, RAND HRS, and Harmonized HRS data and adds variables from the HRS Perspectives on the Pandemic questionnaires. It contains 15,449 observations or rows. It is a respondent-level file so each row represents a unique respondent. It also adds many new variables and makes adjustments and corrections.

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May 2023 (Version B)
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