2005 Prescription Drug Study (PDS)

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The HRS 2005 Prescription Drug Study is a supplemental study conducted in 2005. It is the first wave of a two-wave mail survey designed to track changes in prescription drug utilization as Medicare Part D, the prescription drug benefit, is phased in. The baseline wave, administered in 2005, was intended to capture prescription drug use, coverage, and satisfaction prior to the implementation of Medicare Part D, as well as awareness of the new drug benefit and available subsidies. In addition, questions about sources of information on Medicare Part D and expectations of the impact of Part D on prescription drug cost, coverage, and health were asked.

The sample for the Prescription Drug Study (PDS) was drawn from respondents to HRS 2004. The study sample included HRS respondents born in 1942 or earlier (65th birthday in 2007), or already covered by Medicare or Medicaid at some time between 2002 and 2004 with oversamples of persons lacking prescription drug coverage or having low income and wealth.

A total of 4,684 respondents returned questionnaires or completed a telephone interview, for a response rate of 88.1%.

New to this final release is the inclusion of the medication file (PDS2005E), which contains detailed medication data for each respondent who completed section E of the questionnaire. This file includes drug names, information on dosage, cost, and adherence. Future releases will also include data from sections F and G.

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Nov 2008 (Final V1.0)
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Aug 2005 - Mar 2006

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