2007 Disability Vignette Survey (DVS)

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The 2007 Disability Vignette Study (DVS) is one of three mail surveys conducted in the Fall of 2007 as part of the Health and Retirement Study (HRS). The DVS includes a short sequence of questions about the respondents' own health and disability status, followed by a set of anchoring vignettes. The vignettes provide short descriptions of people in different states of health, which respondents are asked to rate on the same dimensions and scales as they rated their own health. Comparison of respondents' ratings of their own health and their vignette ratings allows researchers to evaluate whether respondents exhibit different response styles. Two versions of the DVS questionnaire (A and B) were administered to assess question ordering and gender effects.

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Jun 2008 (Final V1.0)
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Sep 2007 - Apr 2008

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