Helper Variables 997 Values Recoded in H96E_R

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1996 HRS Core (Final Release, Version 4.0):
Helper Variables 997 Values Recoded in H96E_R

April 2, 2004

In prior releases, the OPN values used for certain questions about helpers which appear in the respondent-level file, H96E_R, were different than the OPN values in the Helper file, H96E_HP or Household-Member/Child files, H96PR_MC, H96CS_MC, H96D_MC and H96J_MC.

For the variables in the list below which are found in the file H96E_R, values of 997 were used to indicate persons not previously mentioned. In order to facilitate merging this information, the OPN values for these variables have been recoded to be consistent with the OPN values found in the Helper and Household-Member/Child files.

    Variable                      Number of Changes

    E1976 E83.WHO HELP-11          53
    E1990 E84.WHO HELP-2           37
    E1999 E85.WHO HELP-3           11
    E2003 E86.WHO HELP-4            5
    E2007 E87.WHO HELP-5            2
    E2056 E99.IADLS-WHO HELP,1     54
    E2065 E100.IADLS-WHO HELP,2    45
    E2070 E101.IADLS-WHO HELP,3    18
    E2076 E102.IADLS-WHO HELP,4     3
    E2082 E103.IADLS-WHO HELP,5     5
    E2088 E104.IADLS-WHO HELP,6     1
    E2101 E107. MONEY HELP-1       15
    E2109 E108. MONEY HELPER-2      5