Respondent-level Data Files Replaced

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Respondent-level Data Files Replaced

1998 HRS Core (Final Release, Version 2.3)

November 04, 2003

Version 2.1 of 1998 HRS Core was released in early September of 2003, and Version 2.2, was released in early October. For most of the sections, the IDs were not correctly matched to the data. Therefore, any merging across files or with other waves or with the tracker file will have created incorrect matches. We are therefore issuing a new release of the data (.DA) files. Note that the input statement files were correct and have not been changed. Any user modifications to those input statements should also work fine. If you downloaded 1998 HRS Core data anytime from September 5, 2003 through November 4, 2003, or are using data that someone else may have downloaded during this period, you should replace the data files.

If someone else may have used data you downloaded, please pass this information on to them.

Note that this problem does not affect the HRS 1998 Final Imputation Data Release (Version 3), which was created from the HRS 1998 Final Data Release (Version 1).