Three Replaced or New Data Files

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Three Replaced or New Data Files

1998 HRS Core (Final Release, Version 2.0)

October 2, 2003

Two data files, H98E_HP and H98D_H, and associated program statements have been replaced. One new data file and associated program statements, H98D_R, is also provided. A new codebook and a new data description incorporating the changes has been created.

In H98E_HP values are provided for 1,286 "off-grid" helper records that previously had null values for F2639A - HELPER RELATIONSHIP COMBINED SOURCE.

Five variables previously included in H98D_H are now included in a new file, H98D_R.

    E2253   D157.FAM DECISION
    E2254   D157a.MORE SAY
    E2255   D157b.MORE SAY
    E2256   D158.TIME TOGETHER
    E2257   D159.FREE TIME