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HRS 2000 Exit (Early, Version 2):
Data Files Replaced

September 2, 2003

Version 2 of the 2000 HRS Exit Early Release is now available. Version 2 incorporates a number of minor changes.

Corrections affect the following sections: PR (Preload), CS (Coverscreen), D (Family Structure), E (Health Care Services and Costs), N (Estate), and S (End of Life Decisions):

OPN variables R868_1, R868_2, R868_3, R868_4, and R868_5 were added to the Coverscreen Section (H00x_CS). These variables were omitted from the first version of the 2000 HRS Exit Early Release, and are needed in order to merge files containing information about children and household members.

The OPN identification variables have also been converted from their original numeric format to character format. The converted OPNs appear in sections, PR, CS, D, E, N, and S.

Version 2 contains data for the same 1348 respondents as Version 1.

These files have NOT yet been approved for use with SSA derived restricted data. Any requests to do so must be submitted formally through the restricted data group. Approval is expected shortly, so watch the web page for announcements.