Five Data Files Replaced

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Five Data Files Replaced

2000 HRS Core (Final, Version 1.0)


Five data files and associated program statements have been replaced: H00E_HP, H00D_SB, H00PR_SB, H00D_H, H00D_MC.

The helper-level file, H00E_HP, now includes 1,193 records for helping spouses for a total of 4,156 records.

Three duplicate records in the sibling-level files, H00PR_SB and H00D_SB, have been deleted in three households (HHID=043381 081851 157738) and identification variables for some other records in these three households have been changed. These files now contain 17,590 records.

In the file H00D_H, values of two variables, G2260001 - D146B.WHICH SIB HELPED and G2278001 - D148Y1B.WHICH SIB HELPED, have been changed for one case.

In the file H00D_MC, G1976 - D049Y41.REINDEX OPN is now a numeric variable that has values of 1 to 20.

A new codebook incorporating these changes has been created.