EMPLOYER.DA: Analyzing Date Information

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HRS Wave 1 [1992] Public Release Data Files, V1.00

EMPLOYER.DA: Analyzing Date Information


Analysts should be aware that HRS Wave 1 variables conveying dates have not been carefully cleaned. Ranges may inappropriately overlap or be inconsistent and collected dates may be in reverse order, among other things. Accounting for uncleaned errors of this and other sorts are by necessity the responsibility of the analyst.

However, as analysts notify us of such errors, we will attempt to post them on the web page.

For example, one researcher has pointed out that the individual with Case ID 12928 appears to have been born in 1934 and then retired in 1940 (K1a: v4903). Later in that same case, G1a: v3403 says the last job worked was in 1990. It can likely be assumed that K1a is in err and should rightfully be 1990, but that assumption is left up to the analyst.