Corrections to variables QD182WM1 and QD183WM1 and value labels for QD177W and QD187W

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In the 2018 Final Core Section D data word recall task, some web cases are coded as "96. NONE REMEMBERED/NO RESPONSE PROVIDED.” Web respondents that do not provide a response to the immediate word recall task are skipped out of the delayed word recall task by design. As a result, HRS has determined that these cases should be treated as missing data. The following data correction statements need to be applied to the 2018 Final Core Section D data. Please make these changes to your files.

if QD182WM1 eq 96 then do;
QD174W = .;
QD175W = .;
QD176W = .;

if QD183WM1 eq 96 then do;
QD184W = .;
QD185W = .;
QD186W = .;

NOTE: imputed values for the number of words correctly remembered can be found in the HRS Cognition Imputations 1992-2018 file, under variable names R14IMRCW and R14DLRCW.

In addition to the above, the codebook value labels for QD177W and QD187W should be changed to read as follows:
0. Off
1. On (No response provided)