CAMS 2003 data corrections for variables in Section B for several respondents

The following the following data correction statements need to be applied to the CAMS03_R data.

if QNR03=23362 then do; B13_03=5273.00; end;
if QNR03=20465 then do; B17_03=17.53; end;
if QNR03=22679 then do; B38_03=225.00; end;
if QNR03=20244 then do; B7_03 =663.84; end;
if QNR03=20424 then do; B36A_03=3; B37A_03=3; B38A_03=3; end;
if QNR03=22401 then do; B18_03=36.33; end;
if QNR03=24143 then do; B11_03=140.00; end;
if QNR03=22521 then do; B22A_03=1; end;
if QNR03=21863 then do; B14_03=723.00; end;
if QNR03=22030 then do; B11_03=600.00; end;
if QNR03=22855 then do; B18_03=48.00; B34_03=40; end;
if QNR03=21347 then do; B13_03=706.84; end;
if QNR03=23597 then do; B11_03=345; end;
if QNR03=22338 then do; B15A_03=2; end;
if QNR03=20743 then do; B25_03=13000; end;
if QNR03=22030 then do; B11_03=600; B14A_03=2; end;
if QNR03=23362 then do; B13_03=5273; end;