Cross-Wave Imputations for Pension Related Variables

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This data set contains imputations for Don't Know, Refused, and Missing responses for key pension related variables from the HRS interview years 1992 through 2002. The imputed variables are from 1992 employment sections F, G, and H; FA, FB, FC, G, and H of 1994; G, GG, and GH of 1996, 1998, 2000; J, K, and L of 2002.

This dataset updates and replaces the Researcher Contribution of the same name released in February 2003.

Product Details

Latest Release
Jun 2005 (Ver 1.0)
1992: 12652; 1994: 11596; 1996: 10964; 1998: 21384; 2000: 19580; 2002: 18167
Entry Cohort Info

War Baby

Longitudinal Reference

HRS: 1992-1996, HRS and War Baby: 1998-2002

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