RDA Application (Traditional License)


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Submit the form below to apply for a Restricted Data Agreement (RDA) to access HRS Restricted Data through a Traditional License.

The application can not be saved before submitting, so make sure you have the following information and documentation before you begin:

  • Project title and research abstract
  • A short description of each of the following:
    • The HRS Restricted data products and variables you intend to use in your research, including planned data analyses
    • Why the public data are not adequate for your research purposes
    • How the results you plan to export or publish will comply with the requirements of disclosure limitation review
  • Proof of current U.S. federal funding held by the Principal Investigator. The Principal Investigator must hold a PI-eligible position within the receiving institution.
  • Information on the study team (i.e., anyone who will have access to the restricted data.) All study team members must have a formal affiliation with the receiving institution. Include the following information:
    • name
    • role on project
    • business address, email, and phone number
    • current CV, in .pdf format
    • indicate if the team member requires access to the data
  • A completed Data Protection Plan, in .pdf format.
  • Obtain from your institution:
    • Institutional Federalwide Assurance (FWA) Number
    • Institutional Policies on data confidentiality, in .pdf format
    • Documentation of Full Board or Expedited IRB review and approval of your research plan, in .pdf format
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